Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: Do I need a cosigner on this loan?

A: No, we never require a cosigner for our loans.

Q: I have a loan that isn't due. Can I borrow more?

A: We can't increase the size of your loan. If you repay early, we can issue a new loan at a higher amount if you are eligible. Contact us to find out before paying back the current loan early.

Q: What's the interest rate?

A: For the first $300 it's 15% and after that it's 10%.

Q: How much are you going to lend me?

A: That depends on how much you ask for, but never more than $500.

Q: How late are you open?

A: Our hours of operation are from 8 until 8. While our staff here in Oklahoma are around 9-5, we have additional hours due to our call centers in Dartmouth, Toronto and Vancouver.