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Why Choose Us?
Poor Credit Is Fine
We factor poor credit into our rates and our business practices so you don't need to worry that a few small transgressions in your past will make it impossible for you to secure credit with us. In fact, we welcome bad credit.

Reasonable Service
Accepting bad credit is just part of what we like to think of as simply being reasonable. Regular banks are inflexible and hard to deal with because their layers upon layers of accountability and rules make common sense fly right out the window. If you have issues, just call us and let us work them out with you.

Uncomplicated Application
It's ridiculous to fill out a bank loan application when you're looking for $500. Our application is simple and straight to the point, just like us. We don't believe in making things overly complex for no good reason.
The Application Process
Employment Is Key

We have come to realize that the most important factor in granting credit is the state of an applicant's employment. This is why we have centered our credit system around a screen capture application that lets us look at what's happening in your bank account, whether there is regular employment income being deposited. If we can substantiate that, we are all but certain to issue a loan.

Everything Else

We still need to gather some other information but its importance is secondary or just logistical. We need your personal details in order to confirm your identity and to protect you from identity fraud, as someone else taking out a loan in your name would be trouble for both parties. Naturally, we need your banking information in order to send you the funds.

Responsible Borrowing
Borrow What You Can Repay

The most important element of being a responsible borrower is to only borrow that which you firmly believe you can repay. Taking out a loan when you intend to default or think that defaulting is highly likely is not only dishonest, it's also unlikely to help your financial situation because it will incur penalties from both the lender and from your bank.

Responsible Lending

The other half of the equation is responsible lending. We pledge to never extend credit when we believe that the prospective borrower will be unable or unlikely to be able to make the payment on time. This helps our bottom line by eliminating bad debt, and it helps the borrower by shielding their credit record and avoiding exposing them to penalties that could exacerbate their financial difficulties.

Additionally, we pledge to not lend more than $500 or 50% of the borrower's net paycheck. This additional safeguard helps protect borrowers from entering into a debt cycle.

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